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Essential Oils

Essential oils are volatile and liquid aroma compounds from natural sources, usually prepared by extraction techniques such as distillation (including steam distillation), cold pressing or extraction (maceration). 

The difference between essential oils and fragrance oils:

  • Essential Oils:  have therapeutic properties (and they smell nice, too)
  • Fragrance Oils:  used mainly for the scent

  • Basil
    Basil Oil

    This peppery scented oil has therapeutic applications for colds, fatigue, lack of concentration and headaches.

  • Bergamot Oil
    Bergamot Oil

    Effective for conditions such as stress, fear, hysteria, mood swings, depression, infection, psoriasis.

  • Black Pepper Oil
    Black Pepper Oil

    An excellent remedy for chills and poor circulation and for muscular aches. Also believed to have aphrodisiac qualities.

  • Carrot Seed Oil
    Carrot Seed Oil

    Carrot seed oil can assist with muscle pains and in boosting the respiratory tract, while detoxifying the body.

  • Chamomile Oil
    Chamomile Oil

    Effective in the relief of sunburn, rashes, allergies and headaches, migraines and stress.

  • Cinnamon Oil
    Cinnamon Oil

    A natural preservative & can stop the growth of bacteria and fungi.

  • Clary Sage
    Clary Sage Oil

    Clary Sage lowers blood pressure, relieves menstrual migraine, eases PMS and rejuvenates the skin.

  • Eucalyptus Oil
    Eucalyptus Oil

    Effective in treating the symptoms of colds and flu. Eucalyptus also relieves muscular aches and assists with skin infections.

  • Frankincense

    Refreshes skin and encourages growth of skin colour cells. Can heal wounds, minimize scaring and skin inflammation.

  • Grapefruit Oil
    Grapefruit Oil

    Grapefruit oil can positively affect your mood and revives your mind. It can aid in clearing up congested oily skin and acne.

  • Jasmine Oil
    Jasmine Oil

    Men and woman can be very attracted by this aroma. Famous for being an aphrodisiac, also helps improve the skins elasticity, so good for stretch marks and scars.

  • Juniper Oil
    Juniper Oil

    Juniper combats muscular aches and pains. Juniper can also act to relieve mental fatigue and anxiety.

  • Lavender Oil
    Lavender Oil

    Lavender is effective as an antiseptic and can be used to treat bites, cuts and burns.

  • Lemon Oil
    Lemon Oil

    A detoxifier and revives and lifts your mood. Can ease congestion and relieve the symptoms of colds and flu.

  • Lemon Grass Oil
    Lemon Grass Oil

    Helps to relieve fatigue and aching muscles, and acts as an insect repellent disinfectant.

  • Lime Oil
    Lime Oil

    The refreshing scent of lime makes it a useful antidote to feelings of depression, stress, anxiety and apathy.

  • Mandarin Oil
    Mandarin Oil

    This antiseptic oil is beneficial for the skin, particularly in the treatment of acne and scars.

  • Neroli Oil
    Neroli Oil

    Derived from orange blossom, Neroli is an effective antidote to panic and shock. It is also useful in healing scar tissue.

  • Orange Oil
    Orange Oil

    A gentle stress reliever. Orange also improve digestion and is a great tonic for acne.

  • Patchouli Oil
    Patchouli Oil

    Encourages regeneration of skin cells, speeds up healing of wounds and sores, helps fade scars, tightens and tones skin.

  • Peppermint Oil
    Peppermint Oil

    Peppermint Oil provides relief from stress, depression and mental exhaustion due to its refreshing nature.

  • Rose Oil
    Rose Oil

    Rose eases mental tension, insomnia and lessens feelings of grief, anger or helplessness.

  • Rosemary Oil

    Rosemary oil improves concentration, relieves muscular aches and pains. It also reduces fluid retention.

  • Sandalwood Oil
    Sandalwood Oil

    Sandalwood has been treasured for thousands of years for its spicy aroma which is intensely relaxing and calming.

  • Tea Tree Oil
    Tea Tree Oil

    Effective in relieving the symptoms of colds and flu, and can be used for a variety of problems.

  • Ylang Ylang Oil
    Ylang Ylang Oil

    Ylang Ylang is effective for nervous tension, anxiety and mood swings. this deeply relaxing oil is thought to be an aphrodisiac.

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